Why TheGraph is important for Web3

How TheGraph advances web3

  • TheGraph enables essential decentralization so that no one entity, or organization, controls what is relevant to users.
  • TheGraph advances blockchain and Web3 by providing an ecosystem for many users to work with and have simpler access to blockchain data.
  • Using TheGraph makes web3 more accessible to developers. Querying from the blockchain becomes easier, cheaper and less time consuming.
  • GraphQL is flexible and easy to understand and apply.
  • With decentralization, security and reliability are ensured, leading to robust data sources. Trust is minimized (you still need to trust the subgraph developer if you cannot verify the code yourself).
  • With the decentralized and open source system of TheGraph, we can be sure that the ecosystem will be there forever and developers can develop their dApps around Subgraphs.

What we’ve learned as curator in TheGraph testnet

Freddy Zwanzger — Co-Founder of Anyblock

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