What is a Blockchain RPC Node API and How to Choose the Right RPC Provider?

As APIs are heating up the development world and blockchain is the talk of town these days, we are assuming you already know about these two technologies — at least to an intermediate level — before we start discussing the RPCs in particular.

Exploring the Blockchain RPC Node API — an Overview of APIs

Why Do We Need RPCs in Blockchain? A Quick Comparison from the Blockchain Perspective

How to Use Blockchain RPCs and Choose the Right Provider?

Therefore, we will walk you through a couple of things that you might consider before selecting a RPC node provider:

  1. They should offer end-to-end support (the team should be available to provide help at any step) so you do not have to switch third parties multiple times while connecting to your node (although it is not a flaw, it just reduces the efficiency)
  2. They should have multiple load-balanced nodes deployed in different regions to offer low latency
  3. You should be able to retrieve the complete data of the node indexed properly so it can be queried whenever required
  4. The provider should be following an internationally recognized data protection law (e.g. GDPR) to ensure their nodes keep the data and your access to it private and secure
  5. You should be able to get real-time alerts on your dashboard so the health of your node is always viewable (it should show all the important metrics, like processing time, number of transactions, hit/miss requests, etc.)
  6. The archive data should be included for queries that go back further in the blockchain history


Freddy Zwanzger — Co-Founder of Anyblock

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