Thanks to method signature decoding, we have now matched 84% of all Ethereum transactions to corresponding calls and translated more than 91% of logs to human-readable events. This makes it so much easier for users to work with realtime, reorg-safe blockchain data!

Previously these numbers were about 40–50%, but we broke the >500.000 contract ABIs down into >130.000 unique methods. If we cannot translate function call data into clear text names using our smart contract ABIs, we now decode the logs by utilizing the function hashes.

Fun fact: We found >2.400 different transfer functions!

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Ethereum blockchain analytics — big data by

Some limitations still exist: We cannot put a label on instances where contract fallback functions are used, as well as constructor calls. Also when decoding tx calls, we only have 4 bytes to match which may result in multiple results. For now we use the first match, but anyway assign a lower probability to the respective values in our database in order to indicate some uncertainty. Future refinements are on our roadmap, reach out if you want to contribute!

Why are we passionately buidling Because reading from the blockchain is hard . So our mission is to make it easier for you, especially in respect to not having to run your own node! If you want to add your ABI to our index to get insights into the interactions of your smart contract or you want to monitor what’s happening on your private chain — just email us at

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Blockchain analytics — all Ethereum chains indexed by |

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Anyblock Analytics is a German blockchain solution provider. We offer consulting, tools and data to integrate business processes with blockchain.

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