Hello world,

we are very happy to present eth.events — the Ethereum search engine with an extensive API!
As first introduced at DAPPCON Berlin in July 2018 (check out the video), you can utilize the Elasticsearch query language to easily build reliable and scalable applications using blockchain data that is specifically relevant for your use case.

What problems does eth.events solve?

Development for the blockchain takes time and special skills and is therefore costly.
If you just want to read from the blockchain, eth.events is your best choice.
You can reach your goals much faster, cheaper and with maximum flexibility.
You do not need to run a full archive node or your own database if you just want to use blockchain data.
Therefore eth.events reduces risk, time and cost of development and operations of any application that is using data and events from the Ethereum network.

What questions can eth.events answer?

eth.events indexes blocks, transactions, logs and smart contract events from the Ethereum Mainnet.
Therefore, you could for example submit the following queries:

  • Total creation and destruction of DAI stablecoins during the last week
  • Get a list of all transfers of an ERC20 token on October 17th
  • Get the total fees paid in the 0x protocol month-by-month
  • The total amount of token x deposited in the Raiden Network in the last 24 hours
  • Cryptokitties “Birth” events over time [only if you actually care about cats…]

Get your API key here and read the documentation on how to query eth.events and start answering your questions now.
Feel free to contact us if you are wondering about how to query for certain information!

Benefits for your project

As a smart contract developer, you can debug your code during development and test.
You can gain insights and stay in control by monitoring your ĐApp as it is being used on the Ethereum Mainnet.
Simply plug into the eth.events API to get access. You do not need to setup your own database or wait on your web3 client to fully sync.

As a business, you can flexibly leverage blockchain data for your specific use case. eth.events integrates nicely with existing business intelligence tools using the Elasticsearch query language. We can easily index private blockchains and it will be available in private clouds and as an on-premise solution soon.
Our consultants can help you distill your needs into specific blockchain queries and arrange the results in a customized dashboard for you. And we can guarantee our service & support availability with a SLA according to your needs.

Data sources & architecture

We have indexed all public ethereum-based blockchains (mainnet and testnets), so that you may search, discover and build using data from any of these.
(And if you happen to be part of a private chain — we can easily index that for you, too!)
Our reorg-safe data is available in real-time, and even complex queries like time-series run super fast on our powerful infrastructure.
We’ll provide an in depth article describing the various components in a future post — but only after decompression from Devcon4 in Prague …

Get started & get in touch

Just sign up here to get your free API key. Then check our documentation on how to get started — and feel free to contact us for any questions, support and feedback. We’d love to talk to you!

We’ll also be personally available to connect at these upcoming events:

  • Devcon4 — from Oct 30th — Nov 2nd 2018 in Prague
  • Energy Web Foundation Affiliate Forum on Nov 5th in Vienna

Or find & follow us:

Happy BUIDLing and stay awesome!

The article was first posted on https://eth.events/news/

Anyblock Analytics is a German blockchain solution provider. We offer consulting, tools and data to integrate business processes with blockchain.

Anyblock Analytics is a German blockchain solution provider. We offer consulting, tools and data to integrate business processes with blockchain.