How to connect to Bitcoin or Ethereum with an RPC and how do Node API Providers differ?

Connecting to Bitcoin or Ethereum Network with RPC

from jsonrpc import ServiceProxy // if you want to use python-jsonrpc
from bitcoinrpc.authproxy import AuthServiceProxy // if you want to use python-bitcoinrpc
access = ServiceProxy("http://user:password@")
#access.sendtoaddress("11yEmxiMso2RsFVfBcCa616npBvGgxiBX", 10)

The Potential Pains of Running a Self-Hosted RPC Node

Consumes Plenty of Time

Unreliable Synchronization and Missing Optimization

Higher Cost

The Benefits of Outsourcing Node Management and Operations

  • Limited to private enterprises and consortium chains
  • More privacy
  • Clients need to commit to long-term contracts due to the operational costs
  • Developers can leverage the entire resource-set offered on our cloud
  • Available for public networks in the cloud
  • Relatively less privacy depending on the jurisdiction (i.e. GDPR or Patriot Act)
  • Flexible contracts that are usually cheaper in the short run
  • Limited/shared resources

Selecting the Best API Node Provider

Technical Factors

Non-Technical Errors


Freddy Zwanzger — Co-Founder of Anyblock

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