for the energy sector at the EWF Affiliate Forum

After a great week in Prague at Devcon4 we had very little time for decompression before presenting at the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) Affiliate Forum on Nov 5th in Vienna.
The participants are from a group of large energy corporations around the world as well as innovative service providers in the energy sector. As an EWF ecosystem affiliate we are committed to advance blockchain technology in this space. Therefore we have already indexed their Ethereum-based private PoA-blockchain Tobalaba.

Energy Web Foundation (EWF) Affiliate Forum on Nov 5th in Vienna

Our solution in “Pecha Kucha” style

We presented and use cases for the energy sector in the “Pecha Kucha” format: a maximum of 20 slides for 20 seconds each — get our slide deck here.
It is not easy to limit oneself to under 7 minutes… — but thankfully afterwards there was time for networking and follow-up questions.

The slides we presented start with a quick summary of our team, and its architecture build on enterprise technology.
Then we explained the problems that solves, namely:

  • Development for blockchains takes time and special skills and is therefore costly.
  • Running an archive node needs hefty hardware.
  • Additional information like ABIs, hashes or known addresses might need to be acquired.
  • Infrastructure needs to be operated with a certain service level.
  • In-house development tends to result proprietary solutions and technical debt.

But fear not — that’s what we are here to help you with as your blockchain SaaS provider!

Use as development tool, API and for business intelligence

What can the energy sector do with

To search Ethereum and start building, you can use our service as a development tool, API and for business intelligence. For this specific meeting, we presented some quick ideas on use cases in the context of energy blockchain projects:

  • Watch your energy-specific smart contract or ĐApp.
  • See if KPIs of your blockchain based energy app are in an acceptable range.
  • Continuously observe a state of a smart contract. Create an oracle that reports that state.
  • See how your tokens are doing. How many addresses took part in that token sale? When did they sell? Draw a real-time chart.

To visualize the data obtained from our blockchain index, you may use out of the box dashboards like Kibana, Grafana or even hosted ones like Datadog. Alternatively you can also integrate blockchain data with your existing (business intelligence) software at your company.
Of course you can also use Python or R with their Elasticsearch modules. For example one could build a Jupyter Notebook for easy querying and then transform and visualize the blockchain data.

What will YOU build with

Just sign up here to get your free API key. Then check out our documentation on how to get started — and feel free to contact us for any questions, support and feedback. We’d love to talk to you!

Or find & follow us:

Happy BUIDLing and stay awesome!

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Anyblock Analytics is a German blockchain solution provider. We offer consulting, tools and data to integrate business processes with blockchain.

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