Energy Web Chain — Smart contract cluster analytics

Check out our brand new blockchain analytics dashboard of the most active smart contracts on the the Energy Web Chain (EWC) above.
Or check the online version constantly updated in real-time.
Thanks to our data science specialist David Brodhagen for putting these charts together!

Dashboard structure and findings

In the top row of graphs you can see, that over 80% of all the 330 smart contracts on the network were deployed from three entities.

Going down the dashboard you can see on the left side four different categories by which we analysed the smart contract activities:

  • Incoming Transactions
  • Count of Events
  • Cumulative Gas Used
  • Distinct Users

On the right hand side there is some graphical visualizations of these dimensions over all 330 contracts for further context.
As with all our charts, you can move the mouse over any graph and see the corresponding values in detail.

Based on these metrics you can easily see that the contract 0x1Bb905141316FaB9F5FF9c81f6dC22f0c0f10784 is by far the most actively used (besides system addresses intentionally left out). This smart contract actually belongs to (TEO by engie), which we have recently analysed in a separate tutorial article about smart contract analytics.
We plan to follow up with another detailed analysis of the ENS contract, which was recently launched on Energy Web Chain as well.

Anyblock Analytics & EWF background

Anyblock Analytics have been part of the Energy Web Foundation for several years already, and served the Energy Web Chain (EWC) as a validator node since the start.
If you are interested on our EWC blockchain network metrics, check out our corresponding dashboard online or click to enlarge the static image below.

And you can obviously apply the data from the Anyblock Index also to single smart contracts, and you can find examples of that on our dashboard website.

Analyse any contract on any Ethereum-based blockchain

We can translate about 95% of all Ethereum raw data into human legible events, for all Ethereum-based public blockchains — see the full list of supported blockchains:
And you can apply our technology to your private enterprise consortium blockchain as well with our Virtual Appliance.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a live demo with your own contract!

Interested or questions?

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+49 6131 3272372

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Originally published at on May 6, 2020.



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