Approximation of the uptime score in Celo baklava

Celo’s validator uptime score

Image: Celo Stats. Click to enlarge.

Non-linear relation and assumptions made

completed epochs   uptime score   uptime score gain  1st epoch          9.9768%                                   
2nd epoch 18.9791% +9.0023%
3rd epoch 27.0812% +8.1021%
4th epoch 34.3731% +7.2919%
5th epoch 40.9358% +6.5627%
6th epoch 46.8422% +5.9064%
7th epoch 52.1580% +5.3158%
8th epoch 56.9422% +4.7842%
9th epoch 61.2479% +4.3057%
10th epoch 65.1231% +3.8752%

Geometric series as an approximation

Image source: Geometric Series. Click to enlarge.
Image: Geometric Series Limit. Click to enlarge.
Freddy Zwanzger — Co-Founder of Anyblock

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