Blockchain Data Science and Metabase

Featured image: Exemplary insight into Metabase dashboard creation

Why use Metabase for blockchain analytics?

Here at Anyblock Analytics, we choose Metabase as our primary blockchain visualization tool because it enables business users to answer their questions themselves, rather to wait for precious developer time. This is possible because of the simple Metabase point and click editor so that no SQL query language needs to be used (but it can).

What is Metabase in general?

“Metabase is an open source business intelligence tool. It lets you ask questions about your data, and displays answers in formats that make sense, whether that’s a bar graph or a detailed table.
Your questions can be saved for later, making it easy to come back to them, or you can group questions into great looking dashboards. Metabase also makes it easy to share questions and dashboards with the rest of your team.”

How to create a Metabase blockchain dashboard?

  1. Start: Ask a question
Image: UI — Ask a question
  • Customized questions are recommended if you want to easily filter and summarize your data (recommended for beginners / business users)
  • Native Queries has to be written in SQL which requires at least basic knowledge in that language (recommended for advanced users / developers
Image: UI — Way of asking a question
Image: UI — Pick your starting data
Image: UI — Filter, summarize and sort
Image: UI — Configure your visualization

Example: Blockchain analytics to create Metabase dashboard for The Energy Origin — TEO

At the beginning it is essential to be aware of

  • what you will require to build your dashboard,
  • and how you will achieve these objectives.
Image: Analysis of events on TEO
Image: Visual presentation of outcome
Image: Question to SQL blockchain data model
Image: Unique addresses per event on TEO
Image: Comprehensive and continuously updated dashboard
Freddy Zwanzger — Co-Founder of Anyblock

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