In this video from our YouTube channel, you will learn how to set up a dedicated blockchain search with a shortcut in your Chrome browser.

This will allow you to have quick access to any Ethereum transaction or address!

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We all know that providing data is not enough if you do want to understand analytics around blockchain. The key is how to get actionable insights from the blockchain data. At Anyblock Analytics, we provide the much-needed tools you need to analyze different data sets for the blockchain network of your choice. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can work with the data on our Anyblock Dashboards.


  1. Ethereum dashboards for many blockchain metrics
  2. Interactive functionality for blockchain dashboards
  3. Ethereum blockchain network metrics dashboard
  4. Token analytics for ANY Ethereum token
  5. Gas Metrics analytics across ANY Ethereum network
  6. Project-specific…

Hello, fellow crypto enthusiasts!

Have you ever wondered how some of the more abstract network metrics in blockchain dashboards come about?

No? We honestly do! Yes, that sounds nerdy, but our curiosity and attention to detail are the reasons we enjoy being a blockchain infrastructure service provider so much.

Celo’s validator uptime score

Let’s have a look at the score on celostats for example. The parameter that indicates how reliably a validator signs new blocks on the Celo network, therefore usually referred to as the validator’s uptime score. …

The concept of decentralization has been around for a couple of decades; however, its most recent and robust applications happen to be in the form of blockchain technology. When it was first introduced, the entire concept used to revolve around cryptocurrencies and other FinTech use cases, but the landscape has changed drastically in the last 10 years, and blockchain technology itself has evolved.

Primarily, the fact that it happens to be a generic technology with the potential to cater to the demands of any industry has given rise to public and private blockchains. …

Since more and more businesses depend on cross-platform services and applications, the need for APIs has grown exponentially in the last 15 years, particularly in disruptive technologies, including blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and data analytics.

In this article, our focus is to explore the connectivity to the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks with RPCs and establish how you can outsource the node management to a third party to reduce your workload.

If you want to read more about RPCs and REST APIs in terms of differences and applications, check out our article: What is a Blockchain RPC Node API and How…

As APIs are heating up the development world and blockchain is the talk of town these days, we are assuming you already know about these two technologies — at least to an intermediate level — before we start discussing the RPCs in particular.

Exploring the Blockchain RPC Node API — an Overview of APIs

A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) happens to be the most straightforward form of an API which allows developers to communicate to a server to remotely execute code — in short, it is very similar to a function call, but between two different systems. Since Web APIs (aka REST APIs) are popular these days, please note that technically…

Dear Celo community,

in the following article, we would like to share with you our experience from setting up a Validator in the baklava testnet during the Celo Foundation Voting Program for Cohort 6.

Since we could not find documentation on the registration of a Validator with faucet funds instead of ReleaseGold smart contracts that was official, up-to-date, and complete, we would like to present to you our approach and hope that with this report we can give back a little as well as make things easier for those interested in the Celo Platform and supporting this extraordinary project by…

Featured image: Coding SQL Query. Source Unsplash.


Within this tutorial, you will learn how to retrieve and analyze data from the Ethereum Blockchain with the help of the SQL interface.

We will show you how to retrieve data from using common SQL language.

What you must know already

This tutorial is written for programmers, who have some experience with SQL. You should also have visited the authorization page and set up our connection to the database. Remember that the subentities are stored using the Postgresql-Type JSONB. For more information on that, please take a look at the ER model.

Basic SQL queries

Choose one of the databases available. …

Featured image: Freddy holding a talk on blockchain use cases

While most associate the word ‘blockchain’ with tokenized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether, the practical applications of decentralized ledger technologies are much more far-reaching than you might think.

Whether it’s revolutionizing food supply chains or rethinking real estate investment, blockchain offers a host of powerful benefits that could fundamentally change the way we live.

Join us as we explore a variety of use cases for blockchain technologies and offer expert insights on how different industries can unlock the power of decentralized ledger technologies.

The Duality of Blockchain Technologies

Before we dive into specific examples of blockchain examples, it’s important to appreciate that there are…

Featured image: Neon handshake. Source Unsplash.


Within this tutorial, you will learn how to retrieve and analyze data from the Ethereum Blockchain with the help of the API.

We will show you how to retrieve data from using the Elasticsearch Query DSL.

You will learn

  • How to access
  • How to use different methods to query the API
  • How to write a basic query returning some events
  • How a return object is structured and which data it returns
  • How to filter events for a specific contract or a specific event type
  • How to sort the events by block number

What you must know already

This tutorial is written for programmers, who…

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