Most people believe to properly interact with distributed ledger technology, they need to operate a blockchain node themselves. It is unclear whether this misunderstanding stems from strict IT policies that enterprises believe can only be met with self-hosted infrastructure, the high demand for control over their tools from computer scientists…

Hello, fellow crypto enthusiasts!

Have you ever wondered how some of the more abstract network metrics in blockchain dashboards come about?

No? We honestly do! Yes, that sounds nerdy, but our curiosity and attention to detail are the reasons we enjoy being a blockchain infrastructure service provider so much.

Celo’s validator uptime score


Featured image: Coding SQL Query. Source Unsplash.


Within this tutorial, you will learn how to retrieve and analyze data from the Ethereum Blockchain with the help of the SQL interface.

We will show you how to retrieve data from using common SQL language.

What you must know already

This tutorial is written for programmers, who have some experience with SQL…

Anyblock Analytics GmbH

Anyblock Analytics is a German blockchain solution provider. We offer consulting, tools and data to integrate business processes with blockchain.

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